2016 has been a really difficult year for many.  In fact, I think I can say that I don’t know anyone who hasn’t been through personally challenging times – from divorces and homelessness, through major illnesses and surgeries, job losses and of course, the multitude of deaths that this year has brought – everyone I know has been fighting their own demons.   That coupled with the aftermath of the referendum here in the UK and the uncertainties over Brexit or the fear of the rise of Trump and his followers in the US has led to unsettling times…

But my sense is that things are changing… that people are beginning to re-emerge, stronger, perhaps more sensitive or intuitive, more determined and a fresh scent of optimism is in the air….  yes the challenges continue, that’s life… and some of them may seem unsurmountable… but there is a sense of positivity and hope that was missing before the holiday period.

So as we welcome in 2017, I challenge you to let your watchwords for this year to be joy and pleasure.  I’m not talking about the pleasure that comes from over-indulgence and partying (although there’s a time and a place for that too), but that as you forge your new path in this new year, you do so with a spring in your step and a focus on what really feels good to you… maybe it’s becoming happier in yourself and the way you look (whether or not you want to lose weight or change your appearance) or valuing yourself and your time more, perhaps this is the year you want to change jobs or discover a more creative side of yourself… or maybe you don’t know precisely what you want to change, but you know that something needs to shift…  my hope for you all is

May you worry less, and enjoy the moment more;

May you find more joy in the every-day and consistently take the small steps that lead to a happier you,

May you create more adventures,  have more fun and every day realise how much you have to give to this planet and to the people whose lives you touch everyday.  

May you take joy in bringing joy to others, and to yourself. 

In this time of fresh beginnings, rather than beating yourself up for not being perfect, may you realise and celebrate all that you are and that you bring to this world.  May you enjoy simply being You. 

With love, 



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