Weight is such a heavy issue for so many of us.   We wander around with the extra pounds feeling fat and ashamed. The media bombards us with pictures of bikini-clad goddesses standing next to their chiselled, six-packed Adonis and we sigh and crave their lives. Maybe if we were slimmer, with swishy hair*, we could also have that life – turning heads as we walk into a room, partners who adored us, money, fame, the list is endless….

Or maybe we’d just feel ok about looking in the mirror and not duck our heads each time we passed one…

Or perhaps we could stop buying clothes from a catalogue, and actually enjoy the process of trying them on, feeling good about ourselves on a night out, rather than panicking days in advance and then making do…

Maybe we could come out from the corner where we hide, hoping no one will notice us… or maybe we could stop being so loud and “funny” to draw our attention away from the extra rolls…

The voice of guilt is loud in our heads – if only we weren’t so weak-willed, if only we tried harder. The multi billon pound diet industry berates us with points and green and red foods – even going so far as to make some foods a “sin”!

Because in reality – losing weight is easy, right? We all know the formula: “eat less, move more”.

And yes that’s absolutely true….

But it’s only half the story.

By now, most people have heard of the concept of emotional eating. We eat not because we’re physically hungry but to sate an uncomfortable emotional state.   People know that they eat when they’re bored or when they’re stood up on a date. But did you know that you might eat because you’re craving the comfort you had as a child (and food was how mama always nurtured you), or because you’re angry at your partner but you’re too exhausted to have daily rows about the same things, or because you really (subconsciously) don’t want to be thin because then you’ll have to be in a relationship and look how the last one turned out?

There are a myriad of reasons why we pile on the pounds – and very few of them have to do with physical hunger.   Eating becomes a coping mechanism for dealing with the stuff that we didn’t know how to process when we were younger…. And perhaps it worked in our earlier years when our metabolisms burned off everything the moment it hit our lips… but what worked for as at 21, is obsolete at 42.

My hypnotherapy weight loss programmes are designed to look at and heal the reasons we stuff our faces.   Together we take a look at what’s going on for you, heal that hurt (a painless therapeutic and liberating process in itself) and take away the need to comfort-eat. I’ll also help you be strong and clear enough to make changes in your outside world, should you decide to do so.

The success rates of weight loss with hypnotherapy are well documented. Clinical studies show that you are likely to lose twice as much weight with hypnosis than without and to keep it off. But for me the benefits of the hypnotherapeutic weight loss go far beyond the weight loss itself

When we embark on your journey to lose weight together – I won’t put you on a diet. I won’t tell you that there are foods you can never eat again and I certainly won’t turn you off any of your favourite foods. I don’t want to deprive you of the joy you get from eating – I want to enhance it. I want you to be able to crave and reach for healthy foods, to eat only when you’re hungry and stop when you’re full. … and when you do decide to indulge in a treat, I want you to do so free from guilt and shame.

We work together, not so that you can be thin and beautiful, but so that you can free yourself from your preoccupation with food, body image and shame: leading to a happier, healthier, slimmer you – where the beauty shines through….

Want to have a chat about this?  Get in touch.

* and if you want swishy hair, we can work to make it healthier and thicker too – but that’s another story… meantime, Espiritu stocks some great shampoos 😉

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